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Step 1- Register as an instructor, using the below Facebook button (if you are already registered and logged in, then proceed to Step 2)

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Step 2- Fill out your class info with time, ticket pricing and description (instructors earn 85% of ticket sales after taxes via PayPal. The other 15% goes to maintaining the site, streaming your playlist live under a music license and driving traffic to the site.)

After registering above, fill out your class info with time, pricing and description. And an eye-popping picture if available.


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    Step 3- Get ready for going live from home

    Watch this video to see how this all works :

    Instructors host the meetings using our partner Zoom’s desktop app, which will automatically be downloaded and installed,  on a laptop or desktop with webcam (for the larger screen). Students join the class using the app with special default privacy and viewing settings, which will automatically open on the student mobile device when the student clicks the emailed link.

    Some tips:

    • Lighting. Adding lighting behind the camera to illuminate your face. Removing light sources from the background.
    • Class format. Short form 20-60 minute classes. It’s a live online class so the format is going to be a little modified (your students will be staring at a mobile device screen, so the experience is going to be different) You will be staring at a huge screen with all your students.
      We have found that staying at one level (like either all standing, or all sitting) works well.
    • Timing. Keep a clock to keep track of time. Join the class a little early to make sure everything is working. Allow a few minutes at the beginning to let people get set up.
    • Visual Communication. All participants will be muted, except for the instructor by default. You can check in with your students by asking them to give you a visual sign like a thumbs up. You can ask “if everyone is ready to get started, give me a thumbs up!”
    • Planning. Have a visible print out of your class progression to keep on track.
    • Equipment. A laptop with webcam, or a desktop with webcam, as well as a ~$30 condenser microphone (click for Amazon example) set on the floor or tabletop. Set the condenser mic close on the floor close to you and close to your music speaker (music speaker should be a few inches away from the mic, at a medium volume). Audio and your clarity of your voice is important for an awesome user experience.
    • Practice. If you would like to practice and test it out with staff or an experienced instructor, email Jen at and we’ll set up a time we can set up a time to test and practice with you. Or make an appoint for a free 15 minute chat at
    • Promote. We have found that reaching out to your clients at least twice about the upcoming class is most effective (one week before the class, and then a few days before the class). Email, Instagram and Facebook groups have been effective ways to spread the word and increase sign ups. If you would like us to also promote your class, email Jen at, and we can help promote it as well. Students have been coming back for more, and we would expect your class sizes to grow over time.

    Step 4- Manage your class

    All your classes are saved on our platform. You can edit your upcoming classes, view ticket sales and see reviews. You can also re-use past classes and re-host them at a future date.

    You have the option to save recordings of your hosted classes and post video clips of your class, so that interested users can see what your class is all about. All your recorded classes will be available to any students who have bought a ticket to one of your past three classes.

    Manage My Class



    Do you have some time during non-peak hours? Would you love to teach at peak hours in a different time zone? Here is a deal for instructors:

    • get your own unlimited hosting account at
    • create your own classes
    • stream in music without worrying about licensing. has a license to stream in music. The license covers millions of popular songs.
    • host your own classes from home or local studio for your students and clients, using the technology platform
    • list, record and manage your classes at
    • class sizes can range from 1 to 100 students…. (up to 10,000 upon request)
    • the instructor earns 85% of ticket sales after taxes (the balance will pay for admin costs) for self-hosting
    • if the instructor hosts at the main live studio in West Soho NYC with streamed music, lighting and professional cameras, the instructor earns 50% of ticket sales after taxes
    • complimentary training on how to host high quality live online workouts
    • an instructor member must host a minimum of one class per year
    • All the benefits of our partner Zoom’s video technology, our platform and video app with special privacy settings for students, streamed music, unlimited class times (over 45 minutes is no problem), no need for a paid Zoom account ( will be the Zoom host account), all for $2.99/month
    • stay engaged with your existing clients, who may be seasonal or may have moved to another town
    • save recordings of all your classes (your recordings will be available on a private page to any student who bought a ticket to one of your past three classes)

    You can cancel at any time. But believe us you are going to love this unique user experience. Sign up for one of our memberships today below!