We work out together online, using our latest and most innovative bi-directional video technology platform, where certified and fun instructors keep you motivated and accountable.




How are we different? The instructor can see all the students live over video. And the student can only see the instructor over video.  Curated playlists and music are streamed with the classes, under a license. It is a fun and private experience for all involved, watch the Youtube video to see how it works


Walk? Thank God we don’t have to. Both students and certified instructors can join from the comfort of homeInstructors, you can increase your income by offering and hosting your own online group classes from home today.




Earn loyalty points! Use the points to book one-on-one sessions with a certified trainer or health coach. Or donate your points to someone in need. Earn points every time you take a class or visit this site. Start earning points now by registering with the button below or above link.


We will be featuring a new instructor from around the world at least once a week in 2018. To join our 20 to 60 minute musically inspired, sweat-inducing workouts, download our app (custom app with our partner Zoom) to your mobile device and see reviews here.




Meet other participants and instructors in our community with messaging!